Former Club Presidents

Fall 2016-present Jesse Morgan
Fall 2015-Spring 2016 Chris Moore
Fall 2013-Spring 2015 Tommy Tracy
Fall 2012-Spring 2013 Ben Kreuter, KK4FJZ
Spring 2012 Bert Herald, WF7I
Fall 2011 Alex Olihovik
2010-2011 Mark J. Colombo, N4MJC (ex-KJ4IEA)
2009-2010 Dan Tran, K4DNT
2006-2009 Mike Benonis, KI4RIX
1989-1992 Jay Campbell, N4YMY
1982-1983 Jim Mankin, KB3KJ (need confirmation on callsign)
1981-1982 Ken Keyseear, W4KK (ex-WD4EIS)
1980-1981 Glen Allen, W4GKA (ex-KQ4Y and ex-WD4KIS)
1977-1979 Peter Briggs, K3ZM
1976-1977 Biff Franks, WB4PMG
1975-1976 Gilbert DuVal (need callsign)
1974-1975 Jim Morgan, W4QE (ex-WB4QEB)
1972-1974 (need names)
1971-1972 Bill Hughes (need callsign)
1955-1956 Henry Gould, K4CQA (need confirmation on precise dates)


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