• Foxhunt a huge success. Images (3) on website.
  • Appropriations/banking: Members need to complete the wishlist for Spring 2011 (see Mark's email for link); Will finished addendum to add GPS and power supply to our fall appropriations, awaiting approval (supposedly will be approved "ASAP") before doing order (probably after the Thanksgiving holiday). Internet fee also part of addendum and awaiting approval.
  • Tower project: Bert and Tom met with facilities last week, got detailed procedure on how to proceed. Bert is finishing proposal work and will be submitting soon.
  • ARRL Sweepstakes: This weekend (Saturday at 5 PM till Sunday late). All members encouraged to participate.
  • Recruitment: Spring 2011 recruitment efforts discussed. Matt suggests physics email list. Mark mentions idea for another demonstration outside of Thornton in spring.